Phone: (848) 224-5046 

  • The practice phone should be your primary method of contact.
  • The practice phone is answered by me  Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm and Saturday from 9am to noon. After 5pm (or noon on Saturdays) non-client calls and texts are filtered and silenced thanks to the technology of the “do not disturb” function. Current clients have the security of 24 hour access.
  • Why so many boundaries? Because I have no reception staff, no assistant, and no other employees. In order to serve my current clients AND spend time with my family, I need to create boundaries.
  • Text messages are a great convenience for established clients to touch base on quick Q&A, but are not an appropriate way to establish a new client relationship. Remember that I am on the road, and every time I stop at a farm call, I have about a dozen texts to respond to. Unfortunately I have to prioritize correspondence with established clients, so I ask that if you are trying to reach me for the first time, you place a phone call. The same courtesies apply to a traditional doctor’s office.
  • At this time (October, 2019) there is a minimum of a two week wait for new clients. I ask that if you’re a new client, to please CALL me and leave me a voicemail if I don’t pick up. If your situation needs more immediate attention, I will work with you to figure out an alternative solution. We are fortunate in that we have multiple exemplary colleagues to refer to. Once again, this indicates a phone call.


  • This may occasionally be used as a mode of communication to share research, medical journals, papers, pictures and/or any other materials pertaining to patients or herds.

Please refer to the Social Media tab for links to various social media accounts. Please note that Facebook messages and Instagram DMs are not an appropriate means of communication for medical questions or for establishment of a client relationship. Social media is a great convenience for non-urgent messages and general questions, or initial point-of-contact but should not be used for professional communications.


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