Emergency Care

Emergency services are available 24/7 for current clients ONLY. 

If you are experiencing an animal health emergency and you are a CURRENT client, please call 


without hesitation. If you are unsure if you’re experiencing an emergency or not, please call. I am more than happy to talk my clients through a potential emergency in order to triage the situation. I would rather hear “oh wait… that’s not an intestine hanging out of her, it’s just a nipple, sorry!” at 3am than “I wasn’t sure what I was looking at and now she’s down and won’t get up” at 3pm the next day. 

If you’re experiencing an emergency and reach my voicemail, leave a message with your name, which animal is affected, and a very brief description of what is occurring. I will call you back within thirty minutes once I’ve listened to the message so that I can be prepared to offer you an expedited medical plan. If you are not a current or established client, you absolutely will not receive a return call until normal business hours the following day. Emergency services are available 24/7 for current clients only. 

Emergency billing:

Emergency care is defined as urgent services performed either outside of normal business hours, OR during normal business hours but not scheduled. For example, an emergency C-Section is billed as an emergency whether it was performed at 2am on Thursday morning, 2pm Thursday afternoon (after I have cancelled or rescheduled regular appointments to drive to your farm at 150 mph), or noon on a Sunday.

→The difference between emergency services and non-emergency services in terms of billing is that the hourly rate for professional services is increased, however all other charges remain the same.

→Whereas you will never be billed for phone call consultations during regular business hours, you may be billed for phone call consultations outside of regular business hours. For example, if your dog has ingested a poison and I give you instructions over the phone to perform immediately, and I remain on the line with you for 30 minutes to ensure that these measures were performed successfully and a crisis was averted, you may be billed for that phone call consultation time. This is legally considered medical treatment and will be billed as such.

What if Dr. Masur is unavailable and I’m experiencing an emergency?

If I am going to be unavailable for any reason (sickness, family emergency, holiday) I will always inform my clients ahead of time so that they may be prepared. These circumstances will be very uncommon, but notices will be posted to this website, the H&H Facebook page, and SMS text message.

In the event that this occurs, I highly recommend Garden State Veterinary Specialists for any canine or feline emergency. I trust them with my own pets’ lives and have been referring to them for a long time. Garden State Veterinary Specialists can be reached 24/7 at 732-922-0011 and they are located at 1 Pine Street in Tinton Falls. Please visit their website at https://www.gsvs.org/.

For livestock related emergencies I recommend Rancocas Veterinary Associates at 609-261-7280 located at 84 Mill Street in Mount Holly or New Bolton Center at 610-444-5800 located at 382 West Street Road Kennett Square PA.

Regardless of which facility you may choose, ALWAYS call a facility ahead of your arrival. In life or death situations, it is crucial that the triage team has the opportunity to prepare for an incoming emergency.



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